Being a twin

Whats it like being a twin? Can you ready each other’s mind? Do you finish each other’s sentences?

Just some of the questions myself and my twin brother get asked regularly. That’s right, I have a twin brother and he is fabulous. Not only is it special bond, it’s also a friendship that never ends, a lifetime of someone that gets you just that little bit more than anyone else, after all we did share a womb for almost 9momths.

So what is it like being a twin? I’d say it’s pretty darn fabulous. I’ve always had a playmate, someone that I knew when starting school and someone to obviously share every milestone in life with. Yes of course, it’s not great to share your birthday along with cake and candles,  I don’t think we would have it any other way. Atleast no one can tell us we can’t share ha.

Unfortunately we can’t read each other’s mind, as fun that may seem We just often think of the same thing at the same time as each other, which I guess is as close as it gets to reading minds. And I guess in some ways we do finish each other’s sentences, but that could mainly be due to us being so close and knowing each other’s charactistics.

To say we were born 6weeks early and spent 3weeks in an incubator I think we’ve both turned out very strong and healthy individuals. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my twin, or any of my other siblings of course, I’m glad to be apart of a family that is united no matter what happens.

Being a twin is the most amazing feeling ever. I wish everyone could experience the bond for just one day.IMG_0715.PNG


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